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New Home Inspections.

Independent Building consultants. 

New Home Inspections consist of Steel, Frame, Pre-Plaster, Waterproofing, Fixing, Lock-up and Final stages. At each inspection, Build Right Consultants will ensure your new home is built according to the Australian Standards & National Construction Codes to provide safety & quality, allowing a swift transition.

Each stage a detailed written report will be provided to you and your builder. Build Right Consultants will go through the addressed issues with the builders and trades in a harmonious manner bringing you one step closer to your new home. 

Steel Inspections.

New Home Steel Inspections, also known as Pre-Slab Inspections, is the first step to ensure your home is built right. Errors in the slab, that go unfixed,  can have long term effects becoming exteremly expensive and hard to fix. At Build Right Consultants, we will identify any issues with the construction of the base including incorrectly placed materials, damaged membranes, missing elements and not according to the Australian Building Standards and Energiering designs and drawings.


 Frame Inspections.

New Home Frame Inspections are one of the most extensive inspections conducted during the build of your home. At this stage, Build Right Consultants examine the build of the frame, ensuring it complies with Australian Building Standards and Plans. In this sage Build Right Consultants inspects bracing walls, roof truss and the quality of the frame work. This inspection also includes inspecting for any exposed steel, cracking and levelness of the concrete slab. 


Re-Frame & Pre-Plaster Inspections.

New Home Pre-Plaster Inspections occur once all the multi-disciplinary teams have competed their jobs, often damaging walls despite their importance. These teams include: plumbers, electricians, heating and cooling and other contractors. During this stage, instructed changes from the Frame Inspection, will be assed. This stage ensures the correct installation of window frames, gutter frames and eves, roofline and tile installation and ensuring everything at this stage is done according to the Australian Building codes and your new home building plans. 


Waterproofing & Pre-Paint Inspections.

New Home Waterproofing Inspections are completed once the wet areas have been waterproofed. During this inspection the wet areas are assessed with AS3740 Australian Building Standards. If this stage is incorrectly installed, it leads to problematic outcomes such as leaking showers, baths and other wet areas. Incorrect membranes will bought to the builders attention and fixed before any coverings (shower flooring, bathtubs etc.) are installed.

Pre-Paint Inspections involves inspecting the final touches of your house. The plaster work, cornice levelness, door jambs and the hanging of doors, window frames, architraves and skirting will all be evaluated during this stage. This inspection occurs before the painting of your house commences. 


Lock-up Inspections.

New Home Lock-up Inspections consist of internal and external inspections. At this stage , Build Right Consultants assess (but not subject too) the brick work level, the placement of joints, flashing and weep-holes, installation of gutters, eves, fascias and flashings , imperfections, chips and scratches. Fitting of windows, correct door clearances, levelness of skirting boards, workmanship of tile and grouting, caulking and overall quality of fixing and finishings within your house. 


Final Inspections.

New Home Final Inspections is the last stage of the process. At this stage, all quality and finishes and fixing are assessed. During this stage, Build Right Consultants will ensure your new home complies with the National Construction Code (NCC V2) and is built to the upmost standard that you deserve, allowing a shift transition into your new dream home. 

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